Driving Lesson Rates


Manual (Class 3)Auto (Class 3A)
One-Time Enrollment Fee$60$80
Off Peak Timing (Mon to Fri before 5pm)From $35 per hourFrom $40 per hour
Peak Timing (Mon to Fri after 5pm / Sat / Sun / Public Holidays)From $36 per hourFrom $40 per hour

Each lesson is typically 1.5 hours. 


FAQs for booking of lessons

1. How do I engage a private driving instructor?
A: Just fill up the enquiry form and our staff will contact you shortly.

2. Can I choose which private driving instructor to learn with?
A: You can choose which location you want to learn at. We will assign a driving instructor to you based on availability.

3. Will I be learning from the same driving instructor all the time?
A: Yes.

4. What do I need before I can start learning driving practical?
A: You will need to pass your basic theory test (BTT) and apply for provisional driving licence (PDL) in order for you to learn practical. 

5. How do I pay for my lesson fee and enrollment fee?
A: All fees are to be paid to the private driving instructor in CASH at the first lesson.

6. Is there any other fees besides the lessons fee and enrollment fee?
A: Yes. There will be circuit booking fee if you are having circuit practice. There will be a car rental fee for the traffic police test.


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